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Attorney Jim Ratzer, Certified Family Law Specialist

Divorce, or what is more commonly known as "family law", is an area of law that is extensively practiced by attorneys in San Diego County, but is also limited to a select number of "Specialists" within the field. Jim Ratzer is one of this honored group of "Certified Family Law Specialists" in San Diego, California.

You may ask "why do I need a Specialist?" A family law Specialist has gone through an extensive certification process, not to mention years of handling divorce/family law matters in all areas of the practice.

Our practice is devoted to family law/divorce - nothing else.  Jim Ratzer is a Certified Family Law Specialist who handles cases ranging from complex property division, contested custody, spouses who refuse to work or try to hide their true income, spouses hiding assets, to simple uncontested matters. We appear in all courthouses in San Diego County including Vista (North County), El Cajon and Chula Vista. We proudly serve downtown, LaJolla, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido and all of San Diego County. Wherever you live in San Diego County, attorney Jim Ratzer is your best choice for experienced representation with personalized service.

Firm Philosophy

A divorce is one of the most stressful events you will ever experience. Having a quality relationship with your attorney and personalized service is tantamount to a successful divorce/family law matter outcome. Being a "Certified Family Law Specialist", Mr. Ratzer knows how to effectively communicate with clients while at the same time keeping the process time-effective to lower client billed fees. Too many consumers searching for a family law/divorce attorney make the mistake of the "bigger and busier is better". This is the farthest from the truth. The stark reality of working with the so-called "big firms" is that you often lose the one-on-one contact with your attorney and your case as tasks are being handed off to paralegals and Jr. staff attorneys. Much like a "grist mill", these firms lack the most important element to quality representation - availability of the attorney. Our firmís philosophy is very basic and sound. High quality representation with accessibility to your attorney. Mr. Ratzer will know your case and all its specifics/details. With the emotional stress a divorce can produce, you do not want to work with an attorney who is unresponsive returning your phone calls, or every time you call you get flipped to a Voicemail box to leave a message. If you or someone you know is facing a family law issue like divorce, legal separation, child custody dispute, property dispute or domestic violence, attorney Jim Ratzer is ready to help. Whether you need immediate representation or a consultation about the potential for divorce, attorney Jim Ratzer is here to consult you about your issues, legal rights and responsibilities. We encourage you to call our offices at (858) 793-7700 to schedule an appointment. Meeting Mr. Ratzer is the important first step to understand your rights, and establishing a quality basis of representation.

Aggressive Representation of Women in Divorce.

Women that are seeking family law/divorce representation need an attorney that understands the legal rights of women. Mr. Ratzer understands these rights and how to obtain the maximum alimony and/or child support payments, and enforcement of these payments. Whether the client seeking representation is a home-maker, in the work force, or corporate executive/business owner Mr. Ratzer knows how to maintain best negotiating position with opposing counsel. Mr. Ratzer has years of experience in marital mediations, and effectively communicates with opposing counsel from a position of assumed strength.

Mr. Ratzer was recently interviewed by on the topic of what women need to do to protect themselves.  Read Complete Article...   

The Legal Needs of Men in Divorce

Men seeking a family law/divorce attorney look no farther than attorney Jim Ratzer. What makes Mr. Ratzer so uniquely qualified is his experience in representing both male and female clients. The synergies of dual-gender representation allows Jim Ratzer to work on divorce settlement that protect the assets of his male clients, yet respectfully work out solutions so that the female spouseís attorney and client can agree to settle. Mr. Ratzer understands that his male clients are interested in not paying out "more than I have to". Attorney Jim Ratzer aggressively and effectively reaches settlement solutions to the satisfaction of his clients.


Check out James Ratzer's profile page on the State Bar of California (CALBAR), and his standing.

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