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A “move away” is a parent’s request to relocate outside the County of San Diego, the State of California or the United States.   In deciding whether to grant a move away request the Court of your jurisdiction will perform an analysis on what is in the children(s) best interest(s). There are many factors the court will consider.

It should be noted that once divorce proceeding have begun, both parties are automatically restrained from removing the minor children from the State (and usually the County once temporary custody orders are entered) without written consent of the other party or court order.

When a parent requests re-location, there are specific documents and information the courts will require. Mr. Ratzer is well-versed on what you will be required in your case once a thorough evaluation is performed.

In any move-away case in California, planning is essential. For experienced counsel and representation, schedule a consultation with Mr. Ratzer today.  Please call our office at (858) 793-7700 to schedule a consultation.



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