New legal remedies are passed to combat domestic violence

Posted in Domestic Violence on November 10, 2017

Recent events in other states have reminded the country that domestic violence is a runaway dynamic that can cause far more human suffering than was ever thought to be possible. The problem has resulted in the creation of innovative legislation recently passed and introduced in California. It seems unlikely, but the new law has validated the role of the hairstylist and salon professionals as sounding boards and therapeutic resources for many women caught in that horrific web of domestic violence.

The new law intends to promote awareness on the part of salon professionals about the dangers and ravages of domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of abuse of the weak or poor in society. One nonprofit organization, Human Options, is dedicated to breaking the cycle of this destructive societal dynamic. It has offered its services to salons across Orange County to go in and teach their stylists how to recognize domestic abuse and violence. From there, stylists will receive training in how to respond to those domestic violence situations that they identify.

Another program is the Cut It Out seminars where stylists learn to spot and handle the different types of situations that they may encounter. The training gives the hair stylist resources to turn to when such assistance is appropriate. The fact that each stylist may see hundreds of people in a short time gives hope that the number of victims obtaining relief will grow accordingly.

The very fact that the system has reached out in this manner to a well-positioned group of professionals is proof that the problem of domestic violence has surged beyond the level of being a mere rare inconvenience or misfortune. People now appreciate this human tragedy for the pervasive and observable human damage that it spawns. California has taken the battle against such violence to a new level and is using a whole new concept of how to counter the problem. It is a brilliant innovation that brings another segment of human resources into play in the battle against this destructive phenomenon.

Source: (Previously Published Article), “Orange County hairstylists can help limit domestic violence”, Maricela Rios-Faust, Nov. 6, 2017