Who Is Most at Risk for Domestic Violence?

Posted in Domestic Violence on December 12, 2017

Some readers in California may be among others in the nation who are currently facing serious problems in their family lives. Domestic violence is often kept secret when those affected fear criminal, public or even private repercussions for making their stories known. New studies show certain factors may lead to an increase in the propensity to commit this type of abuse.

Not every abuse allegation is true. Those affected on either side of the issue can protect their rights in court. It’s typically a good idea to seek legal support since the ultimate outcome of such situations may greatly affect the lives of everyone involved.

Studies show that when it comes to violent crimes in general, men are more likely to become victims. However, when the category is further confined to include only violence committed within intimate or familial relationships, women are most often victims. In fact, approximately 85 percent of intimate partner violence victims are women. Another factor that makes one more likely to be a victim of domestic violence is age; women between the ages of 16 and 24 are at greatest risk.

Any person who suffers at the hand of a family member in a domestic violence situation in California or elsewhere is encouraged to seek immediate help from parties who can offer protection and support. Anyone who claims innocence against an abuse accusation may seek assistance to protect his or her rights and fight the allegations in court. An experienced family law attorney can help at either end of this issue.

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