Divorce mediation can help couples who see warning signs

Posted in Divorce Mediation on January 11, 2018

Social scientists have found that there are certain indicators that a couple is headed toward trouble. While not every person has the foresight to see warning signs of divorce, a person who is able to see potential problems may be able to be proactive and enter divorce mediation with a partner, and eliminate some of the problems of ending a marriage. Individuals in California who see some of the following warning signs may wish to think about consulting with a mediator. 

Age is a major predictor of problems within a marriage. Whether a couple married very early in life, or whether they were people who chose to marry after the age of 32, both categories put them at increased risk of divorce. Couples who marry in their teens run a similar risk as people who do not finish high school. Both parties may expect to end a marriage early. 

Arguments can also be an early indicator. The way a couple fights can possibly contribute to their likelihood of a breakup. Extreme defensiveness or silent treatment approaches have also been a greater indicator of divorce, researchers say. Shutting down or withdrawing may portend future marital problems, and the words individuals choose can also be a red flag. When a person speaks negatively about the relationship, it is a major warning sign. 

Being informed is half the battle. A person who can see issues coming, and feels that ending the marriage is a good option, has the ability to reach out for divorce mediation. In California, an experienced family law attorney can offer this service to individuals interested in another approach to ending a marriage. 

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