Domestic violence an unpleasant reality in California

Posted in Domestic Violence on January 26, 2018

As a new movement towards protecting women’s rights sweeps the nation, states begin to look at ways to end harm against women. Recently, many sexual abusers and harassers have been outed, and this news has led some to look more closely at the issue of domestic violence. In California, many women struggle with domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. 

Statistics reveal that 40 percent of women in California have experienced some form of domestic violence during their lifetimes. Some 10 percent of homicides in the state are linked to intimate partner violence. The Blue Shield of California Foundation has researched the topic and found that three out of five respondents to their survey have experienced domestic violence in some way, whether being a victim or an abuser, or having friends and family members who were affected. 

Due to increased awareness, the state has taken measures to protect the innocent from harm. In 2014, a law was passed that allowed partners or family members to petition judges to remove firearms from those individuals who pose a threat. The most recent activism has called for more funding, not only for emergency services but for prevention. With 90 percent of respondents to the Blue Shield survey saying that they feel domestic violence is a serious problem, it is no wonder that people feel called to do more to help. 

Domestic violence is a problem that can leave physical and emotional scars. Individuals in California who have been victims of domestic violence may be wondering if there is a way to bring the abuser to justice. Some individuals choose to hire an experienced attorney who can help them evaluate their cases. 

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “#MeToo also means stopping domestic violence“, Surina Khan and Peter Long, Jan. 23, 2018