Divorce mediation can help create an action plan for settlement

Posted in Divorce Mediation on February 14, 2018

If an individual is able, he or she may choose to enter a structured negotiation to settle the details at the end of the marriage. The divorce mediation option is available to individuals who wish to settle the divorce in a less adversarial manner by addressing issues between the spouses the help of an impartial third party. When working toward a final settlement in California, it makes sense to have an action plan to ensure when and how the details of the settlement will be implemented.  

An individual facing divorce will likely need to settle details about any shared assets, support payments and investment accounts. During mediation, a couple will work together with their respective attorneys to negotiate a plan to handle the financial issues. Once the parties have chosen who gets what, and how the various funds will be apportioned, an action plan can help implement the agreement.

It is one thing to say that one’s ex will give half of the shared bank account, and another to have a written statement that says the ex will deliver a cashier’s check by noon on the last day of the month. By spelling out the how and when during the settlement, a concrete plan is created that allows each party to take specific actions, and also creates a document for a judge to review if the other party does not hold up his or her end of the bargain. If the ex refuses to follow the plan, the matters can be more easily addressed in court. 

By creating a plan during divorce mediation, an individual will have a clear picture of what his or her responsibilities are during and after the breakup. In California, professional help is available to those who seeking guidance and support during the end of a marriage. Some choose to use the mediation services of an experienced family law attorney as an option. 

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