During high asset divorce, couple exchange net worth information

Posted in High Asset Divorce on April 12, 2018

A famous politician and his wife are calling it quits. Former mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife have decided to end their marriage after 15 years. The split promises to be a high asset divorce, and both couples have already retained counsel for what will likely be a contested divorce proceeding. California couples observing the news may find some information to assist them in their own marital dissolution proceedings. 

The divorce, which will be Giuliani’s third when it is finalized, was recently announced. Just one day after his wife filed for divorce, the former mayor, through his attorney, requested a statement of the women’s net worth. Her attorney replied in kind, also requesting a statement of Giuliani’s net worth. The couple owns several properties between them, and the politician’s speaking engagements have netted him millions over the years. 

Giuliani made public statements claiming that his soon-to-be ex-wife should already know how much he is worth and that it was a little early in the process to exchange financial statements. He also admitted that there was no prenuptial agreement, although he seemed to believe that a prenup would not have any weight since he and his wife had been married for 15 years. Whether that belief is true or not, it won’t be an issue since the document does not exist. 

The political power couple seem to be preparing for courtroom litigation in their high asset divorce. California residents who own significant assets and are planning a legal separation from their partners may be wondering about the next steps to take. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance that can help a person protect his or her assets. 

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