Divorce mediation can come with benefits

Posted in Divorce Mediation on May 25, 2018

People are usually interested in obtaining a divorce while experiencing the least amount of potential problems. While this may not be the outcome in every case, since every divorce is different, there is an option that offers some benefits over traditional marital dissolutions. Divorce mediation is an opportunity for individuals in California to end their marriages while bypassing some common stumbling blocks.

Among the benefits that mediation can offer is the minimization of stress. Divorce can be stressful, but the idea behind mediation is to foster helpful and friendly communication between the two parties. Another benefit to mediation is that a mediation proceeding is typically about 40-60 percent less costly than litigation. 

Mediation will take time, usually several sessions, but they are often more quickly resolved than other types of marital dissolutions, another major benefit. And since the mediation is settled privately, and not in a public courtroom, there are no records of the proceedings and no witnesses in the courtroom to hear the private details of one’s family situation. The process is also known to be more child-centered, because it is cooperative and the children do not need to appear in court. 

Individuals in California are reaching for divorce mediation more often because of the many benefits. Again, this process is not a perfect fit for every divorce, but in many cases, it can be used to reduce stress, cost and time. A person considering divorce may be wondering about the next steps to take. An experienced divorce attorney can offer more guidance on this issue. 

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