California celebrity couple continue child custody clash

Posted in Child Custody on June 22, 2018

Celebrity actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are undergoing a divorce. As part of that breakup, the pair are negotiating child custody issues for their six children. At times, the pair’s jet-setting lives can create additional confusion about the care of the kids. For the most part, the parents and children reside in California. For now, Ms. Jolie has primary custody of the children. 

However, a judge has stated that it is important for the children to have a healthy, ongoing relationship with their father and that, if Ms. Jolie is not able to improve her relationship with Mr. Pitt, he will have to award Mr. Pitt with more physical custody so that his parental relationship is not harmed. The judge also ruled that the children should be provided with cell phones so that they can communicate with their father. Ms. Jolie is not to interfere with the communications or read any text messages. 

The family law court judge also laid out a summer schedule for the family. The pair will be in London for part of the summer, and Mr. Pitt will be permitted to spend time with each child for part of that time. When the children return to California, Mr. Pitt will also have custody during certain time periods, some of which must also be attended by a physician. 

Child custody can be a contentious issue, but with time, parents are usually able to find solutions that work for their families. The California celebs are apparently still working toward that solution. The help and guidance of an experienced family law attorney can be valuable to individuals undergoing similar issues.