Child custody can spark conflict in California

Posted in Child Custody on August 2, 2018

Divorce is never easy from an emotional standpoint, no matter how long or short of time two people have been married. If the two spouses have young children, this only complicates things. However, parents in California who are dealing with child custody issues can help their children through the process in a few ways.

First, divorcing parents may feel tempted to troll or trash their exes in front of the children. Instead, it is best if the parents can speak politely and respectfully to each other. They might despise each other, but they must still cooperate since they have young children to rear together.

Another mistake that divorcing parents make is thinking that both parents’ homes have to have the same rules. The reality is that parents sometimes agree on their homes’ rules but not always. If they do not agree, the children will be able to adjust. However, if the rules’ differences are potentially harmful or significant, they can express their concerns to each other.

Child custody can certainly spark a range of emotions and conflict in California. However, if two parents can see eye to eye on how to handle custody and visitation, they can create their own parenting agreement detailing how they will address these matters, without further court intrusion. If they cannot make informal negotiations work for them, they have no choice but to proceed to trial to have a judge make their child custody decisions for them. Either way, an attorney can provide the direction necessary to help a spouse to pursue the personally best outcome given the circumstances of the divorce.