Divorce mediation, trial can epecially affect men emotionally

Posted in Divorce Mediation on September 13, 2018

A marital breakup can understandably be challenging to cope with from an emotional standpoint. This is true even in the most amicable of divorce situations, such as one involving divorce mediation. Here is a rundown on a couple of reasons why men might especially struggle with a marital dissolution in California.

For starters, men have a tendency to bottle up their feelings and have no outlet, which can lead to depression. It can also lead to physiological issues, such as high blood pressure. It is therefore critical that men who are going through divorce spend time with marriage counselors rather than trying to emotionally deal with such a major life event themselves.

In addition, many men lose their sense of self when they get divorced, as they may no longer be in a position to provide for their families. In some cases, divorced men feel guilt and shame if their divorce processes end up negatively impacting their children. In these situations, it is beneficial for the men to stay connected to their children, as the love that may flow between the men and their children can be extremely healing in and of itself.

The divorce process is never easy in California. However, those going through divorce can make it more palatable by choosing divorce mediation or informal negotiations over traditional divorce litigation, which can be more stressful than resolving divorce issues outside of court. An attorney can provide the direction needed to navigate a marital breakup either in court or outside of court in the Golden State.