Child custody conflict can make divorce hard on the kids

Posted in Child Custody on October 25, 2018

People in California generally do not get married with the expectation that they will later get divorced. However, divorce is unavoidable sometimes, and unfortunately, if young children are involved, they may be emotionally affected by the process. Here are a few tips for navigating child custody during a divorce proceeding in the Golden State.

First, maintaining consistency and routine can be immensely helpful for young children whose parents are going through a divorce. When parents keep things constant, this gives children a greater feeling of control as well as confidence in being able to handle the major changes that divorce brings. For instance, parents can maintain consistent bedtime story times whether the children sleep at Mom’s or Dad’s house.

In addition, it is critical that parents reassure their children that the divorce is not their fault. Children have a tendency to place blame on themselves for their parents’ marital breakup, thinking that they could have prevented the painful experience of divorce by behaving better. Parents can help their children in this situation by answering their tough questions and letting them know that they love them.

Divorce can understandably be difficult for parents to deal with from an emotional standpoint. However, if two parents can find common ground at the negotiation table when it comes to handling child custody and visitation, this may make the divorce process easier on the entire family. An attorney in California can provide a divorcing parent with the guidance he or she needs to pursue a personally favorable child custody outcome while, most importantly, focusing on the children’s best interests.