Property division may be unavoidable due to personality traits

Posted in Property Division on October 3, 2018

Sometimes, two married people in California try hard to make their marriage work out but to no avail. In some of these situations, the culprit is their personality traits. Here are a couple of personality traits in particular that can prove problematic during marriage and thus ultimately lead to divorce, at which time, issues such as property division must be tackled.

One personality trait that can cause marital issues is an ego that is fragile. If a spouse has deep-seated insecurities, he or she may try to resolve these insecurities with the help of someone outside of the marriage. This can easily lead to infidelity down the road.

Narcissism is another personality trait that can increase a couple’s chances of getting divorced. This is mostly because narcissistic individuals have a hard time seeing reality with regard to balancing their relationship roles. Narcissists oftentimes act like victims when marital conflict arises, meaning that relationship-dooming problems end up not getting fixed.

If two spouses simply cannot continue on with their marriage due to personality conflicts or other issues, they may look forward to the freedom that comes with divorce. However, navigating a divorce proceeding can be just as hard financially as it is emotionally — especially if the two spouses have amassed a large number of high-value assets over the years. Still, if two spouses who are getting divorced can address issues such as child custody and visitation, property division and spousal maintenance outside of court, they can more quickly and easily finalize their marital breakup in California.