Personality traits may spark divorce, property division conflict

Posted in Property Division on December 13, 2018

A variety of factors can play a role in a California couple’s decision to get divorced. However, experts say that one thing is often overlooked, and that is personality traits. Here is a look at a couple of personality traits that have the potential to be predictors of marital breakups and can even spark conflict when it comes to divorce issues such as property division.

First, people who prefer to avoid conflict may actually be more at risk of getting divorced compared with those who do not mind arguing. This is the case because when two spouses argue with each other, this is a sign that they are comfortable with talking about their issues. Of course, too much fighting can be just as much of a red flag as too little fighting.

Another personality trait worth watching out for is narcissism. Specifically, there is a problem if one person tends to place the blame for his or her behavior on other people rather than him or herself. The inability or unwillingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions can unfortunately prolong conflicts as well as breed resentment.

The cause of divorce may understandably differ from one couple to the next, but as a whole, divorce is generally a challenging process both financially and emotionally. Still, couples can help to reduce the conflict they experience in their divorce proceedings by seeking to find common ground when addressing property division and other issues at the negotiation table. Whether a divorcing spouse ends up resolving divorce issues outside of court or going through divorce litigation, an attorney in California can offer the guidance needed to achieve the best possible outcome.