Fewer couples choosing between divorce mediation and trial

Posted in Divorce Mediation on January 31, 2019

Research shows that the rate of marital dissolution is declining, and the millennial generation’s tendency to keep their marriages intact may be the reason why. Specifically, 18 percent fewer couples in 2018 versus 2008 had to go through divorce litigation or choose an alternative dispute resolution process, such as divorce mediation. Here are a few reasons why millennials in California and elsewhere are not as quick to get divorced as people from the older generations are.

First, many millennials are deciding to cohabitate before getting married. This gives them an idea of what it will be like to live with the other party after the wedding day. If things do not work out, they can split up without financial strings attached, with only the strongest relationships — and thus those more likely to last — making it to the marriage stage.

Second, people are generally getting pickier about their dating partners. Part of the reason for this is the growth of dating apps. These apps give people a number of options, and people can usually get a better feel as to whether or not their prospects have the qualities they are looking for from a significant other before settling down. Again, this decreases their chances of winding up in unhappy marriages and thus getting divorced.

Of course, people of all generations may encounter marital problems that simply cannot be reconciled, which means they have no choice but to get divorced. Fortunately, divorce mediation may make the marital breakup process less costly and stressful for couples in California. An attorney can provide a divorcing individual with the direction he or she needs in divorce mediation or even at trial, if necessary, to achieve the most personally beneficial outcome possible in light of the circumstances.