High asset divorce differs from typical divorce proceeding

Posted in High Asset Divorce on January 24, 2019

The financial aspect of the dissolution of a marriage can be intimidating no matter how few assets or how many assets a couple may have in California. However, the more assets a couple has, the more complicated the property division process may become. Here is a look at a couple of specific reasons why a high asset divorce is not like a typical divorce.

First, in a typical divorce proceeding, a couple may have assets like money and even 401(k) savings to divide. However, in a high asset divorce, a couple is more likely to have a large amount of their wealth in stocks. In recent years, many wealthy individuals have taken advantage of stock options provided to them by quickly expanding companies.

Stocks, however, can be harder to divide than money in a bank, as determining their value is not a straightforward process. Other types of assets that can be hard to value during a high asset divorce proceeding include collectibles, like a high-end art collection. Furthermore, money in an overseas account may be tricky to split during divorce.

The reality, though, is that the process of dividing assets can become a major source of conflict no matter the number or value of assets that must be split. Fortunately, a divorce attorney in California can help those going through a high asset divorce or a typical divorce proceeding to make informed choices from start to finish. The attorney’s aim will be to protect the client’s rights and best interests during all stages of this type of family law proceeding.