Less attractiveness may lead to divorce, property division issues

Posted in Property Division on January 9, 2019

A number of issues may drive a couple in California to get divorced, including infidelity or monetary struggles, but another factor in some marital breakups is the spouses’ different levels of attractiveness. Research reveals that when men marry more beautiful partners, they have a higher chance of getting divorced, in which case, they will have to tackle matters like property division and alimony. This may be the case because their partners are not be as committed to them.

Based on new research, people are generally drawn to more attractive individuals. At the same time, they understand that they are more likely to draw people who share similar levels of attraction as them. This is why many people get married to those who are about as attractive as they are.

Sometimes, though, a mismatch occurs between two parties. In this situation, the woman might be more apt to flirt with others outside of the marriage. In addition, the person who is not as attractive might feel insecure and feel jealous of his or her partner, thus leading to marital conflict and potentially divorce.

Sometimes, divorce is inevitable even if two parties try to keep it from happening, and unfortunately, the process can pose emotional and financial challenges. However, if the spouses can see eye to eye on how to address property division and other divorce issues, such as child custody, they can achieve a mutually satisfactory settlement outside of court. This is usually less stressful than going to trial and having a judge decide how to tackle these issues. Either way, an attorney can help a spouse who is going through divorce to pursue the most personally favorable outcome possible in California.