Property division, other divorce issues can be handled amicably

Posted in Property Division on January 17, 2019

Divorce is commonly thought to be a hostile process that leaves the two parties involved feeling bitter. However, it is indeed possible for those going through divorce to handle matters such as property division and child custody amicably. Here are some mistakes that often cause unnecessary conflict during these family law proceedings in California.

First, many people treat the process as a battle that they do not want to lose. However, it may go more smoothly if they try to find compassion in the situation. People naturally change over time, so they are not the same individuals at the time of a divorce proceeding as they were on the wedding day. The more that the parties involved acknowledge this, the more understanding and respectful they may be toward one another. This can make the divorce proceeding easier for them both and, in turn, make the process easier for any children involved.

Second, people frequently make the mistake of thinking that a divorce proceeding will give them emotional closure. The reality is that this typically does not occur in legal proceedings.  Rather, emotions like sadness, grief, anger and betrayal are common during such a major life event. Addressing these emotions with the help of a counselor may make it easier to get through the divorce process as quickly and peacefully as possible.

A marital breakup can no doubt be hard to handle emotionally and financially. However, if the parties involved can make mutually satisfactory decisions about issues like property division during mediation or direct negotiations, they can avoid getting involved in  expensive and time-consuming litigation. Otherwise, they must rely on a judge to make these decisions for them. In either of these situations, an attorney in California can help an individual going through divorce to seek the most personally favorable outcome possible given the circumstances.