Steps may help couple prior to divorce, property division

Posted in Property Division on January 2, 2019

When two individuals choose to get married, they may look forward to years of marital bliss. However, not long after the wedding, the reality of marital conflict may set in, and they might begin to desire the single life again. Eventually, the pair may end up getting divorced, at which point they will need to address divorce issues such as property division. Still, they might benefit from taking a couple of steps to resolve their relationship challenges before moving forward with divorce in California.

First, the two spouses may want to pursue divorce counseling immediately. The problem that many couples face, however, is that by the time they start counseling, many of their negative emotions as well as their damaging behaviors have already become established. In this situation, counselors may have a harder time helping married couples to communicate in a positive manner and to effectively address their resentment toward each other.

Second, the two spouses may benefit from trying to address their own weaknesses instead of only trying to fix the other party. In this situation, though, one party might worry that he or she may change for the better while the other person does not. Still, if the first spouse begins to change his or her behavior and actions, the other party may notice this and then develop the desire to change as well.

Unfortunately, even when spouses try to address their marital challenges, their efforts are futile sometimes, which means divorce is inevitable. The good news, however, is that just because two people decide to get divorced does not mean that the process has to be hostile. Instead, the two parties can work on resolving their divorce issues, such as child custody and property division, outside of court. An attorney in California can guide a divorcing individual in pursuing the most personally favorable outcome possible given the circumstances surrounding the divorce.