Gray divorce involves tackling issues like property division

Posted in Property Division on February 28, 2019

A growing number of people in California are getting divorced later in life — a phenomenon known as a gray divorce. This is true despite the fact that the divorce rate overall has declined during the past two decades nationwide. Here are a few reasons why people get divorced and thus wrestle with issues such as property division and alimony over the age of 50.

First, some older couples get divorced due to constantly fighting about finances and struggling with debt. In some cases, problems arise because one spouse is the sole breadwinner and thus feels that he or she should make every decision involving money, not the other spouse. Divorce can also stem from one spouse’s propensity to mismanage funds or overspend.

Second, some divorces happen because two spouses end up growing apart. Especially if their children have already grown up and left the house, they may feel that they are ready for a new stage of life — without their spouses. Yet another reason to divorce at an older age is infidelity. The increasing number of dating websites has especially made it easy for people of all ages, including older individuals, to cheat on their spouses.

Divorce can be tough at any age, but it can be especially complicated for those who are older. This is because they have likely amassed a significant number of assets or high-value assets that are subject to property division. An attorney in California, however, can provide the guidance needed to pursue the most personally beneficial outcome possible considering the circumstances presented.