High asset divorce, regular divorce have a wide range of causes

Posted in High Asset Divorce on February 14, 2019

When engaged couples in California decide to marry, they typically anticipate that their marital unions will last a long time. Of course, life happens, and sometimes, irreconcilable differences end up driving two spouses apart. Research shows that a tenth of people who are 15 years old or older have experienced high asset divorce or regular divorce situations and remain unmarried in the United States. Married couples decide to break up for numerous reasons, but here is a glimpse at some common ones.

Based on a recent study, the majority of divorced individuals broke up with their spouses because they were no longer committed to them. Specifically, 75 percent of participants in the study mentioned this as the reason for their marital breakups. Another common reason to get divorced is apparently infidelity, with around 59 percent of people citing this in the research study.

Meanwhile, around 57 percent of respondents said they got divorced simply because they and their significant others argued too much. Furthermore, just under half of participants blamed their marital breakups on the fact that they did not wait until they were older to get married. Other common divorce reasons include substance abuse, domestic violence and money troubles.

In California, the locale with the highest percentage of people who are divorced is Clearlake, where the figure is greater than 21 percent. Still, divorce can occur anywhere across the Golden State, and sadly, going through it can quickly take a financial toll on a person, especially in a high asset divorce situation. It is for this reason that consulting a divorce attorney during this process is critical. An attorney can help a person who is going through divorce to make the most personally beneficial decisions possible given the circumstances of the divorce.