Property division can be tough to tackle with a narcissist

Posted in Property Division on February 20, 2019

Going through the dissolution of a marriage in California can be difficult no matter how amicable the process may seem at first. However, a divorce proceeding involving matters such as property division and child custody can be even more challenging to navigate if one’s spouse happens to be narcissistic. Here is a glimpse at how those who are married to people with narcissistic personalities can protect their best interests during the divorce process.

First, it is a wise move to collect critical papers as soon as possible. These documents include a prenup if one exists, checkbooks, the marriage license, passports, birth certificates, copies of household bills and records concerning taxes and work. Obtaining these documents immediately is expedient in that a narcissistic spouse might not grant the other party access to such documents once he or she discovers that a divorce is in the works.

In addition, it might be helpful for the party who has filed for divorce from the narcissistic individual to pursue temporary orders for child support and alimony. He or she might also ask that the other spouse be ordered to pay for household bills if that spouse was the primary wage earner during the marriage. It may also be appropriate to ask for temporary child custody/visitation arrangements while the details of the divorce are being finalized.

During a divorce proceeding involving a narcissistic individual, it is likely that both spouses will have a hard time seeing eye to eye on how to approach matters like property division and alimony. As a result, they may have to rely on a judge to decide these matters for them, rather than resolving them outside of court. Still, a family law attorney in California can work to ensure that the rights of the client are protected at all stages of the legal proceedings.