Property division, career change may spark concern during divorce

Posted in Property Division on March 28, 2019

Financial issues can quickly become a source of contention during a divorce proceeding in California. However, in addition to worrying about matters such as property division, a divorcing individual may be concerned about his or her career trajectory during and after the divorce proceeding. In some situations, people going through divorce may consider beginning new careers so that they can better meet their families’ needs. Here is a look at the pros and cons of making a career shift during divorce.

A major benefit of switching careers while getting divorced is that the new career may come with less overtime or travel, which may be especially helpful for parents of young children. A new job might also allow a person to more easily go to doctor’s appointments or participate in school functions. For stay-at-home parents, jumping into careers outside of the home can help them to establish themselves financially and gain the confidence they need as they move forward from their divorce proceedings.

A disadvantage of switching careers during divorce, though, is that juggling a new job and divorce negotiations at the same time can be stressful. On top of this, the career switch might end up lengthening the process of divorce. The reason for this is that greater due diligence will be needed for both spouses’ attorneys to review the parties’ financials as they tackle child support and spousal support issues.

Fortunately, whether or not an individual wishes to change jobs during his or her marital breakup, an attorney can help the individual to make wise financial decisions during the divorce proceeding. For instance, the attorney may guide the divorcing spouse in pursuing a fair share of assets during property division or in seeking a just amount in spousal support. The divorce attorney’s ultimate goal is to make sure that the client’s best interests are upheld in California.