Property division does not have to cause conflict during divorce

Posted in Property Division on March 7, 2019

The divorce process is never an easy time mentally or financially. This is particularly the case when two spouses are experiencing hurt or anger. However, some tips may help these individuals to tackle issues like property division and alimony in the most peaceful manner possible in California.

First, when getting divorced, two spouses might want to try to remain respectful of each other. This can be especially difficult if the cause of divorce is adultery or drug addiction, for example. Still, if the pair decide to drag out their divorce battle at trial, this can cause them extra emotional pain, as well as physical and financial strain. This is why staying civil is so critical during the divorce process.

In addition, it may be helpful for both spouses to identify their common goal in the divorce proceeding. For example, if they have children, they can make their children their number-one priority. Also, they may aim to achieve an outcome that is both financially and emotionally fair for both parties. Pinpointing common visions can motivate them to stay respectful and civil even during the most potentially contentious aspects of the divorce.

The two divorcing parties may also want to consider bypassing divorce litigation and choosing an out-of-court divorce process instead. For instance, they can address property division in negotiations or in mediation, where a neutral individual helps the two spouses to communicate and arrive at a mutually beneficial resolution. A divorce attorney in California can guide an individual through such processes, making sure that his or her rights and best interests are protected long term.