Helping Families Modify Legal Rulings

Family law judgments can be life-changing. Whether they involve custody, alimony or property divisions, these court rulings determine how easy it is to move beyond your divorce or separation and into a better future. The only problem is that even well-intentioned courts may lack the foresight to make decisions that work in the long run.

At Ratzer Family Law, our family law lawyers are dedicated to helping California families make the legal system work for them. We've built a reputation as a well-established, experienced legal group by resolving cases as smartly and quickly as possible, and we're enthusiastic about giving you the opportunity to build a brighter future.

The court system has a goal to promote finality of litigation. That means these post judgment motions are heavily scrutinized by the system and they are technical. Parties who unsuccessfully try to reopen cases are often ordered to pay the other party's attorney fees and costs. The stakes in these motion are high and you need to get good advice before proceeding.

Who Needs Post-Judgment Modifications?

When a court decides that you need to pay a specific amount of child support or divide your property a certain way, the determination isn't set in stone. This doesn't mean, however, that you can simply make changes at will. Courts want to ensure that any modifications are in the best interests of the parties, including the children, so the process isn't a walk in the park. You must demonstrate that your request is justified based on a significant change of circumstances, such as when:

  • You get a new job or have to relocate
  • Your child changes their residency or visitation preferences
  • You experience significant financial troubles that make your current arrangement unsustainable

Why talk to a Ratzer Family Law attorney? On your own, it can be difficult to prove your case in a manner that satisfies the law's high standards. Our dedicated family law attorneys work diligently to represent you before judges and in mediation outside of the courtroom, which can heighten the chances your modification will move forward with minimal resistance.

Many situations can make it advisable to seek post-judgment modifications. For instance, if your co-parent isn't being responsible and taking care of your kids properly, it may be in your children's best interest to change the way custody works. Or a personal tragedy might make it impossible to keep up with your current spousal support obligations. Perhaps you are retiring and need to modify your support obligation.

No one situation is more valid than another, and it's our mission to convince the courts that yours is worth serious consideration. Don't let the difficulty of seeking post-judgment modifications stop you from improving your situation. Contact us online, or call 858-925-8099 today to find out how we can help you make your life better.