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Domestic violence an unpleasant reality in California

As a new movement towards protecting women's rights sweeps the nation, states begin to look at ways to end harm against women. Recently, many sexual abusers and harassers have been outed, and this news has led some to look more closely at the issue of domestic violence. In California, many women struggle with domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. 

In California, child support is essential

Financial worries are a common concern during divorce, and for California parents, chief among those worries is often how they will continue to support their children. Child support is essential for addressing these concerns and ensuring that children's financial interests are maintained. Modifications to current support orders are also possible, which are often necessary to reflect current or changing financial situations.

Divorce mediation can help couples who see warning signs

Social scientists have found that there are certain indicators that a couple is headed toward trouble. While not every person has the foresight to see warning signs of divorce, a person who is able to see potential problems may be able to be proactive and enter divorce mediation with a partner, and eliminate some of the problems of ending a marriage. Individuals in California who see some of the following warning signs may wish to think about consulting with a mediator. 

If you're retiring after a divorce, reconsider support amounts

No matter your age or life situation, going through a divorce is a difficult prospect. There are many challenges involved in untangling your life from your spouse's, including making decisions about asset division, child custody, and spousal and child support. In cases with a clear prenuptial agreement, many of these issues may already have been addressed. For everyone else, however, spouses or the courts have to set terms for the divorce.

Worried about California property division issues?

No two divorces are exactly the same. When it comes to property division in divorce, however, California shares similarities to eight other states that govern the process under community property laws. This essentially means that all marital property (which includes assets and debt) is split 50/50 between spouses in divorce.

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