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How can hidden assets impact the outcome of your divorce?

Deciding to file a divorce in California can leave you with uncertainties about the future. Unless you have a legally valid prenuptial agreement on record or can agree on all the terms of your divorce, the court will make all of the most important decisions on your behalf. While there may not be any sure way to predict how the courts choose to divide your assets, looking at the law and the general practices of the court can help you understand what to expect.

Tribal authority, state in dispute over child custody case

Parents claim that their child was snatched from them due to false allegations of abuse. A state senator has spoken out, asserting that the tribe overstepped its legal bounds. Unfortunately, a newborn child and two others are caught in the crossfire. This child custody battle, recently covered in the news, may parallel similar cases in California. 

Couples headed to divorce mediation could show certain traits

The process of gathering and testing data can lead to useful insights about the human condition. Some scientific researchers have devoted their studies to understanding the intimate relationships of couples. Research shows that certain factors in a relationship could send California couples to divorce mediation instead of planning their anniversary parties together. 

Debts will be divided during property division

Debt collectors will go to long lengths to collect what they are owed. If two individuals are on an account, the debt collector may go after both parties until the balance is paid in full. During a divorce in California, the debts of the two parties can be divided along with other financial matters in the property division process. Unless the proper steps are taken, joint creditors can still go after both names on the account. 

Heather Locklear arrested on California domestic violence charges

Problems in the home can affect the common people as well as the rich and famous. California actress Heather Locklear was recently arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault on a police officer. Reportedly, this is a felony charge and could possibly have a long-term impact on the actress. For many, the unsafe situation of violence in the home becomes a matter in family court. 

Creating a visitation plan in California

Going through a divorce while raising children can feel draining and sometimes it might feel as though every action you are taking is a negative one. However, there are many positive steps that you can take in order to secure a bright future for you and your children. One of those positive actions is to create a visitation schedule or parenting plan so that you are well equipped to coparent and introduce structure into your "new normal."

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