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Divorce mediation can come with benefits

People are usually interested in obtaining a divorce while experiencing the least amount of potential problems. While this may not be the outcome in every case, since every divorce is different, there is an option that offers some benefits over traditional marital dissolutions. Divorce mediation is an opportunity for individuals in California to end their marriages while bypassing some common stumbling blocks.

Musician's daughter loses guitar in divorce property division

A treasured heirloom is no longer in the family. Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, recently divorced from her husband of two years. In the ensuing property division, a judge ruled that the ex-husband will be allowed to keep a prized guitar formerly belonging to the musician. California fans of Nirvana may be interested to learn more details about the incident. 

Divorce mediation can help individuals avoid litigation

Ending a marriage can be a trying and stressful time, but options do exist that can facilitate a speedier and cheaper solution. For some individuals considering dissolving their union, divorce mediation is an option that offers solutions for their needs. While divorce mediation may not be right for every California divorce, many will find this option to be appealing and achievable. 

Child custody often calls for co-parenting

Raising a child is a group effort. While the old saying says "it takes a village," most of the responsibility will go to the child's parents. When parents separate or divorce, they will typically create a child custody plan. Since, these days, most parents in California are sharing custody to some extent, this means that parents may need to learn to effectively work together, even though they are no longer romantically involved. 

Can I reduce my child support obligations ahead of retirement?

If you are paying court-ordered child support for a dependent, or spousal support for a former husband or wife, it is likely that you will already be familiar with the process of establishing financial support orders. Usually, the process is quite uniform, and the amount owed will be simply calculated based upon the number of dependent children and the income you earn.

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