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Lower divorce rate means fewer property division battles

For years, marriage experts have said that married people end up getting divorced 50 percent of the time. However, researchers recently reported that young people in California and elsewhere are more motivated to stay together now than they were in the past. This has caused the divorce rate to dwindle nationally, thus leading to fewer altercations over matters like property division.

The alternative to court-based dispute resolution

Divorces are often hostile processes due to their very nature. They concern the division of the relationship that two people once had, and the divorce process tries to neatly divide all aspects of the ties. This can concern assets that are currently held as well as future earning potential. To make things even more complex, the divorce process is also closely tied with matters surrounding child custody and alimony.

Child custody conflict, dating after divorce can affect children

The dissolution of a marriage in California can be extremely difficult for all parties involved. However, it can be especially challenging for young children, particularly when child custody is an area of conflict between the parents. Here are a few tips for helping to create an easy transition for the children, especially if one of the parents finds a new love interest following the divorce.

Divorce mediation, trial can epecially affect men emotionally

A marital breakup can understandably be challenging to cope with from an emotional standpoint. This is true even in the most amicable of divorce situations, such as one involving divorce mediation. Here is a rundown on a couple of reasons why men might especially struggle with a marital dissolution in California.

Prenuptial agreements may make property division easier

Getting divorced in California can have long-term negative financial impacts. This is why prenuptial agreements are growing in popularity. Here is a look at what prenuptial agreements, or prenups, involve and how they can help with property division during divorce.

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