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Heather Locklear arrested on California domestic violence charges

Problems in the home can affect the common people as well as the rich and famous. California actress Heather Locklear was recently arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault on a police officer. Reportedly, this is a felony charge and could possibly have a long-term impact on the actress. For many, the unsafe situation of violence in the home becomes a matter in family court. 

Domestic violence an unpleasant reality in California

As a new movement towards protecting women's rights sweeps the nation, states begin to look at ways to end harm against women. Recently, many sexual abusers and harassers have been outed, and this news has led some to look more closely at the issue of domestic violence. In California, many women struggle with domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. 

Who is most at risk for domestic violence?

Some readers in California may be among others in the nation who are currently facing serious problems in their family lives. Domestic violence is often kept secret when those affected fear criminal, public or even private repercussions for making their stories known. New studies show certain factors may lead to an increase in the propensity to commit this type of abuse.

Domestic violence victims can access software app for help

The victims of domestic violence in California are almost always women. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that one in three women will experience domestic violence by a spouse or other intimate partner within their lifetime. Experts across the country have developed a software app that women can use to identify the red flags and develop some knowledge on how to best exit from an abusive relationship.

New legal remedies are passed to combat domestic violence

Recent events in other states have reminded the country that domestic violence is a runaway dynamic that can cause far more human suffering than was ever thought to be possible. The problem has resulted in the creation of innovative legislation recently passed and introduced in California. It seems unlikely, but the new law has validated the role of the hairstylist and salon professionals as sounding boards and therapeutic resources for many women caught in that horrific web of domestic violence.

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