At Ratzer|Dobis, our practice is devoted entirely to family law — and nothing else. We don’t just “dabble” in family law — we focus 100 percent of our efforts on finding workable solutions for you, your family and your children.

Jim Ratzer and Morgan Dobis are Certified Family Law Specialists (State Bar Of California Board of Legal Specialization) who represents clients in cases ranging from complex, contested matters — including high-asset property division matters, contested child custody issues, and spouses who refuse to work, try to hide their true income or conceal assets — to simple uncontested matters.

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We Can Guide You Through This

Family stress can be overwhelming. And watching your family break apart can be even more heartbreaking and emotional. On top of that are family laws that can be confusing and act as roadblocks to those unfamiliar with their nuances.

But with a good family law attorney, the process of moving beyond the stress, to a better physical and emotional space, can go by much smoother. At Ratzer|Dobis, you will be able to develop a quality relationship with your family law lawyer. We will work with you personally to explain each step of the process, and work to negotiate the best possible outcome for your specific situation.

Make Your Life Better

Our number one goal at Ratzer|Dobis is to make your life — and your children’s lives — better. We focus our practice on family law and keep abreast of what’s current in the law and relevant to your situation — we are actively involved in the local and State Bar of California and routinely serve as presenters at continuing legal education panels on cutting-edge family law issues that are important to our clients. Jim is a regular speaker at events sponsored by The San Diego Family Law Bar Association and North County Certified Family Law Specialists Bar Association. Jim is a past President of the North County Certified Family Law Specialists Bar Association.

Your success is our reward. We understand that the key to helping you through a difficult legal matter is not only our sound legal judgment and good reputation in the legal community, but keeping your costs down so you can emerge from this situation in stable financial condition. The most expensive part of any divorce case is going to court — and we can help you keep that cost down by working amicably with the opposing attorney, knowing how a judicial officer is likely to rule and not going to court over disagreements that aren’t worth your time or money.

In Solana Beach and San Diego County, Ratzer|Dobis is your best choice for experienced representation with personalized service. Contact us online or call (858) 793-7700 today.


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