Solana Beach High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Nobody wants their marriage to end in a divorce. However, there are times when divorce is the best option for everybody involved. In instances where there are significant assets between the two parties who are divorcing, the divorce process can become incredibly complicated. At Ratzer|Dobis, our Solana Beach high net worth divorce attorneys are ready to get to work on your case today. We want to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout this process.

Why Is Ratzer|Dobis Your Best Choice?

When you are going through something as serious as a divorce involving high net worth, you need to turn to a family law attorney you can trust both personally and professionally. At Ratzer|Dobis:

  • We are 100% focused on family law matters, which has allowed us to specialize in issues pertaining to your case.
  • We work to develop quality relationships with all clients by taking the time to listen to your story.
  • The number one goal of Ratzer|Dobis is to make your life, and the life of your children, better by getting you through this difficult situation.

Why Do You Need an Attorney for This Case?

Most divorce cases are complicated, but this is particularly true when there are significant assets involved. Your San Diego high net worth divorce attorney will:

  • Gather all documentation necessary to properly calculate all assets between the two spouses.
  • Work with specialized accountants in order to properly track and appraise all assets between the two spouses.
  • Handle all communication between you and your spouse and their attorney in an attempt to properly negotiate an equitable distribution of all marital assets.

What Are High Net Worth Divorces?

While most divorces will involve some form of property distribution, spouses with various types of assets that are high value are considerably more complicated. Consider the following types of assets that a San Diego married couple may have between them:

  • Retirement accounts (401ks, IRAs, etc.)
  • All checking and savings accounts
  • Investment portfolios
  • Stock options related to their employment or business arrangements
  • The marital home
  • Real estate property (marital homes, second homes, vacation homes, commercial property, investment property)
  • Any businesses owned by either party that need to be assigned valuation
  • Professional practices in which one party may be a partner to (physician PLLCs, law firms, accounting firms, etc.) that need to be assigned valuation
  • Investments and collectibles, including things like art collections, jewelry, cars, coins, and more

In many cases, marriages that have lasted for many years accumulate multiple types of assets. Couples do not have to be necessarily wealthy for a divorce to be considered “high asset.” Equitable distribution in high net worth divorce cases is going to take complex negotiations in order to get the distribution amounts as close to 50/50 as possible.

Let Us Get to Work on Your Behalf

If you are going through a divorce, and there are significant assets involved between you and your spouse, seek legal assistance from our Solana Beach high net worth divorce attorneys as soon as possible. These divorce cases can become incredibly complex, but having a Solana Beach high net worth attorney by your side will ensure that you are treated fairly and receive the assets you are entitled to. Let the Solana Beach high net worth divorce attorneys at Ratzer|Dobis get to work on your behalf today. Feel free to contact us via our online form or by calling (858) 793-7700.


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