Couples headed to divorce mediation could show certain traits

Posted in Divorce Mediation on March 21, 2018

The process of gathering and testing data can lead to useful insights about the human condition. Some scientific researchers have devoted their studies to understanding the intimate relationships of couples. Research shows that certain factors in a relationship could send California couples to divorce mediation instead of planning their anniversary parties together. 

Many of the things that could cause a couple to break up are related to stress. Even everyday stress can indicate problems for a marriage if it is unrelenting and cumulative. Of course, big stresses like poverty are also more likely to hurt a marriage. The stress of inexperience may be what causes teen couples to divorce more often, as recent studies indicate. 

Waiting until the mid to late 30s to marry could also contribute to a couple’s breakup woes. Some of the other indicators for possible trouble are personality-based. If a person is more likely to speak negatively, stonewall, criticize or express disappointment in the marriage, it seems as if he or she may be more likely to seek divorce. In general, the more a couple expresses fondness, unification and stability, the more likely they are to have happiness in a long-lasting marriage. 

Every person’s situation is unique, and not every case of teen lovers or negative complainers will necessarily need the aid of divorce mediation. If necessary, however, divorce mediation can help a couple settle their differences in a cooperative way. In California, a person seeking assistance with family law matters may find a consultation with a divorce attorney informative and useful. 

Source:, “8 Things Science Says Predicts Divorce“, Shana Lebowitz, March 17, 2018