Prenuptial Agreements

What Can Void a Prenuptial Agreement?

Posted in Prenuptial Agreements on January 5, 2022

A prenuptial agreement is a popular way to protect a spouse‚Äôs assets in the event of a dissolution of marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding contract with terms that both parties have agreed will come into effect should the couple ever divorce. In certain circumstances, however, a prenuptial agreement will be voided, or… read more

What Can & Cannot Be Included in a Prenuptial Agreement?

Posted in Prenuptial Agreements on September 1, 2021

Prenuptial agreements, often referred to simply as prenups, are a common way to protect one’s assets and desires when getting married. A prenuptial agreement in California has the power to determine many issues in the event of a divorce, including property division and alimony. It is important to make sure that your prenuptial agreement contains… read more

Is My Inheritance Considered Community Property?

Posted in Community Property,Prenuptial Agreements,Property Division on July 13, 2020

One of the main issues every divorce case involves is property division. How a judge will divide the property, assets and debts you and your spouse have acquired during marriage will depend on the laws in your state. California is in the minority as a community property state. This law means your ex-spouse could receive… read more

High asset divorce can be affected by prenuptial agreement

Posted in Celebrities,High Asset Divorce,Prenuptial Agreements,Property Division,Spousal Support on October 17, 2017

California is often host to high profile celebrity divorces. One such case that recently settled in another state illustrates some of the principles that are common to high asset divorce cases. The matter involved the divorce of Richard Stephenson, the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and his spouse of many years, Alicia Stephenson…. read more

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