Spousal Support

How to Decide Mediation vs. Litigation

Posted in Spousal Support on September 1, 2022

If you and your spouse have decided that your marriage is over, you will need to go through a specific legal process to get divorced in California. The duration, cost and stress connected to the divorce process can be up to you, however. Most couples find that mediation is an easier, faster and cheaper alternative… read more

Can I Get Out of Paying Alimony in California?

Posted in Spousal Support on January 5, 2022

Alimony – known as spousal support in California – is an order that may be given in a divorce or legal separation case if there is an income disparity between the two parties. The purpose of alimony is to allow the lower-earning spouse to maintain his or her standard of living after the divorce. If… read more

Is There Such a Thing as Permanent Spousal Support in California?

Posted in Spousal Support on December 16, 2020

Spousal support, also commonly known as alimony and spousal maintenance, is a financial award a judge may grant during a divorce or legal separation case in California if the lesser-earning spouse qualifies. Although the terms temporary and permanent spousal support exist in California law, permanent spousal support is somewhat of a misnomer. Permanent alimony typically… read more

High asset divorce can be affected by prenuptial agreement

Posted in Celebrities,High Asset Divorce,Prenuptial Agreements,Property Division,Spousal Support on October 17, 2017

California is often host to high profile celebrity divorces. One such case that recently settled in another state illustrates some of the principles that are common to high asset divorce cases. The matter involved the divorce of Richard Stephenson, the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and his spouse of many years, Alicia Stephenson…. read more

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