Child Custody

Jail Time for Unpaid Child Support 

Posted in Child Custody,Child Support on April 21, 2024

Often called sentencing a deadbeat parent to jail time, there is a risk that a non-paying parent could find themselves going to jail. This is often the last resort for most courts because, once the parent is in jail, they are not able to work to earn money to meet the child support obligations anyway…. read more

Will a Criminal Past Affect My Child Custody Case?

Posted in Child Custody,Family Code on March 18, 2024

When a judge makes a decision about child custody, they utilize all information they have about both parents, the child’s needs, and the child’s desires, depending on their age. In some situations, this could include looking at the past of both parents. Ultimately, the court makes a decision about where to place the child based… read more

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Child Custody Lawyer

Posted in Child Custody on December 20, 2023

Connecting with an attorney is essential before beginning any legal action. When your child is involved, it is essential to learn more about them and their ability. Providing security for your child’s future is vital and can come with the help of a trusted Solana Beach child custody lawyer. Gain a Better Understanding of a… read more

Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support If I Move?

Posted in Best Interest of the Child,California,Child Custody,Child Support,Co-Parenting on September 15, 2023

Parents often need to move to another state for work, to start a new life, or to help out with their elderly parents or other family members. However, if they have children from a previous marriage that they are paying child support, they may wonder if they still have to make these payments if they… read more

How is My Custody Affected if I Move?

Posted in Child Custody on August 28, 2023

Work, a fresh start, or a new interest are just a few reasons a person may choose to relocate. Moving is typical now, and little thought is given to moving across the country or even around the world. Our society has become mobile, allowing us more freedom of choice. But effortless mobility changes when children… read more

Can I Take My Child Internationally Under Custody?

Posted in Child Custody on June 5, 2022

If you were given custody of your child in a divorce or legal separation in California, you may assume you have the right to travel with your child internationally. There are rules you must obey as a divorced co-parent, however, even if you have full or primary custody. Before you travel or relocate internationally with… read more

Can My Ex Leave the State With Our Child?

Posted in Best Interest of the Child,Child Custody,Co-Parenting,Family Code on June 25, 2020

A divorce case involving kids is complicated. The parents or courts will come up with a custody agreement each spouse must obey. If one spouse breaks the terms of the agreement, it can lead to serious criminal repercussions. Leaving the state with a child, for example, could be against the custody agreement and the law… read more

Child custody does not have to be a source of conflict

Posted in Child Custody on February 7, 2019

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce for many couples is figuring out how to minimize the impact of the process on their children. Fortunately, parents in California can take steps to reduce conflict between themselves when dealing with child custody and visitation issues. This can, in turn, have a positive impact on the children… read more

Child custody and holidays can be complicated to address

Posted in Child Custody on November 21, 2018

Ending a marital union can be just as emotionally challenging for the children as it is for the parents who are calling it quits. The impact can especially be felt during the holidays. Although the combination of the holidays and child custody is often a source of conflict between divorcing parents, they can take a few… read more

Birdnesting: A viable approach to handling child custody?

Posted in Child Custody on November 15, 2018

Dissolving a marriage in California can be challenging even in the most amicable of situations. This is especially the case for divorcing individuals who have young children. However, an approach to child custody that some parents have adopted to keep the divorce process as conflict free as possible is an arrangement called birdnesting, or nesting. Birdnesting… read more