Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Child Custody Lawyer

Posted in Child Custody on December 20, 2023

Connecting with an attorney is essential before beginning any legal action. When your child is involved, it is essential to learn more about them and their ability. Providing security for your child’s future is vital and can come with the help of a trusted Solana Beach child custody lawyer.

Gain a Better Understanding of a Child Custody Attorney

Each parent faces unique challenges in child custody matters. These general questions will help you get to the heart of most parents’ overall concerns about California child custody cases and ensure a better understanding of the firm you choose.

  • What is your overall assessment of my specific child custody case?
  • How often will you communicate with me, and what information will these updates address?
  • Do you have an opinion on the most realistic resolutions for our situation?
  • Are there any foreseeable issues or challenges I may face impacting the outcome of this case?
  • Do you see arbitration or mediation as a resolution in my circumstance?
  • How long do you foresee the case taking?

The child custody lawyer you speak with may have sufficient answers to these questions, but their communication style may not work for you. It is okay to ask what your role will be in this case. Will you be seen as a participating team member or someone who will be given more direction and fewer options?

Specific Questions to Address

Once you have a general overview of how a California child custody lawyer sees your case, it is essential to address specific questions. Writing out a list of questions guarantees you cover the most critical issues to you. Jot down additional questions, such as the ones below, as concerns arise.

  • Do incidents of domestic violence impact a judge’s decision?
  • Will the court address concerns about mental health, or can my struggles with mental health impact our case?
  • I am planning a move into or out of the state. How do I address this plan with the court?
  • My child’s grandparents are requesting visitation. Can time be specifically designated for them to see my child?
  • What can child support be used for, and how do I request child support services?

The decisions made in court have an impact on a child’s life. Asking questions will ensure the best provisions for a child in the future.

Followup Questions for a California Child Custody Attorney

Asking these final questions will help establish a playbook of what to expect as you closely interact with an attorney over the weeks leading up to a court’s decision. Trusted support is a priority.

Asking about an attorney’s previous experience in family law, how many years they have been practicing, the professional organizations they support, or where they went to school will provide insight into their credentials. Understanding the attorney’s caseload can help determine if your case gets the appropriate amount of attention. Asking about fees allows an individual to prepare for the costs of representation.

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