Property Division

Who Gets to Stay in the House During a Divorce?

Posted in Divorce,Property Division on June 5, 2024

Divorce involves the division of assets in all situations. It is taking one life built together and dividing it among two people. Who gets to stay in the house during a divorce is dependent on a number of factors based on ownership. Let a Del Mar divorce attorney from Ratzer|Dobis review your case today. California Is a… read more

How Do I Protect My Assets in a California Divorce?

Posted in Divorce,Property Division on August 19, 2023

If you are considering a divorce in California and are concerned about the division of assets, it is imperative to understand property laws and the exceptions that apply. Protecting your assets is essential before entering a legal agreement such as a marriage. But there are ways to protect assets after a marriage has taken place. … read more

How Are Joint Bank Accounts Split During a California Divorce?

Posted in Property Division on September 30, 2021

Property division is a significant concern for most couples who are going through divorces in California. It is normal to want to protect your hard-earned money and assets, including income that is stored in a joint bank account. Learn more about how joint bank accounts are divided in a California divorce case for tips on… read more

Divorce & Digital Assets – How Are Cryptocurrency Assets Like Bitcoin Split?

Posted in Property Division on February 5, 2021

Digital assets have become a hot topic of conversation in recent years among investors, governments and even divorce lawyers. Digital currency assets can refer to cryptocurrency assets, such as bitcoin, that have no physical form. Digital assets exist entirely in the online or virtual network. They can be difficult to find, trace and value…making them… read more

Is My Inheritance Considered Community Property?

Posted in Community Property,Prenuptial Agreements,Property Division on July 13, 2020

One of the main issues every divorce case involves is property division. How a judge will divide the property, assets and debts you and your spouse have acquired during marriage will depend on the laws in your state. California is in the minority as a community property state. This law means your ex-spouse could receive… read more

Property division involving 401(k) not straightforward process

Posted in Property Division on April 26, 2019

Getting divorced can quickly take a financial and emotional toll on an individual in California. A major area of concern for those going through divorce is how to handle property division with their retirement funds. Here are a couple of tips for protecting a 401(k) during a divorce proceeding. First, it is critical to understand the… read more

Property division can impact financial wellness long term

Posted in Property Division on April 11, 2019

Money matters can be complicated to address during divorce proceedings in California. The reason for this is that divorcing spouses must figure out all of the assets they share and then how to go about property division, including debt division. Still, a couple of tips might help those facing these concerns to protect their financial… read more

Property division, career change may spark concern during divorce

Posted in Property Division on March 28, 2019

Financial issues can quickly become a source of contention during a divorce proceeding in California. However, in addition to worrying about matters such as property division, a divorcing individual may be concerned about his or her career trajectory during and after the divorce proceeding. In some situations, people going through divorce may consider beginning new… read more

Property division fears common during divorce

Posted in Property Division on March 21, 2019

When spouses in California opt to get a divorce, they may naturally feel stressed out and fearful of the future. This is because they may not know how their approach to property division and child custody, for example, will affect their futures. However, they may more easily overcome their fears by jotting down what scares them… read more

Conflict over family home can complicate property division

Posted in Property Division on March 15, 2019

Ending a marriage in California can easily present financial challenges, particularly when high-value assets — like a house — are involved. For instance, two divorcing spouses who are tackling property division may not agree on what to do with their house, which is often a couple’s biggest shared asset. Here is a glimpse at two… read more