Why Should I Get a Prenup?

Posted in Prenuptial Agreements on September 5, 2023

Many people who have been married, thought about getting married or even had conversations with married couples have heard of a prenuptial agreement before. When this agreement is brought up, it often causes disputes and arguments between couples. However, with the help of a family law attorney, this discussion does not have to be damaging to your relationship.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

prenuptial agreement, also called a prenup, is a type of contract made between a couple before they decide to marry. The contract is written and formed from an in-depth discussion regarding the couple’s properties, earnings, debts, and assets in case they divorce. However, this discussion can become heated and put people on edge as you must think and talk about divorcing before you are even married.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Prenup

While every couple usually has their reasons for choosing to get a prenup, there are a few reasons why a family law attorney recommends going through this process. Here are five of those reasons:

  1. You can prevent future arguments or disagreements when divorcing: Many couples want to avoid discussing the possibility of divorcing. However, the truth is that it should be recognized as a possibility. Therefore, you can prevent future arguments or disagreements when divorcing by discussing how certain properties and assets will be divided. While you may never get divorced, it is a good idea to have hard conversations with your soon-to-be spouse now instead of waiting until tensions are high.
  2. You can shield and protect yourself from certain debts: Your spouse may accrue credit card debt, student loans, or even costly medical bills throughout the years of marriage. You can protect yourself from these types of debts by addressing them in a prenup.
  3. You will have proof of certain financial rights: A prenuptial agreement can also be used to state your financial rights throughout the marriage. This agreement can cover bills, bank accounts, credit cards, and savings accounts. In addition, you may want to go over what happens when one wants to go to college, open a new business, or pursue something else financially.
  4. You can ensure that your children from a previous marriage or relationship will still receive certain assets: If you have children from a previous marriage or relationship, you must ensure they will still receive certain assets if you divorce or pass away. Without a prenuptial agreement, your spouse could be entitled to all your property and belongings, leaving your children out.
  5. You can protect your business or inheritances: If you started or inherited a business before marriage, you must explain what you want to happen with the business if a divorce occurs. You will want to ensure that other people you run the business with will also be taken care of. Don’t forget to discuss other important inheritances, such as houses, cars, art, expensive jewelry, and more.

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