Heather Locklear arrested on California domestic violence charges

Posted in Domestic Violence on March 8, 2018

Problems in the home can affect the common people as well as the rich and famous. California actress Heather Locklear was recently arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault on a police officer. Reportedly, this is a felony charge and could possibly have a long-term impact on the actress. For many, the unsafe situation of violence in the home becomes a matter in family court. 

On one recent Sunday in February, at approximately 10 p.m., officers responded to a 911 call to Heather Locklear’s residence. A domestic disturbance was reported. When deputies arrived on the scene and contacted her, she reportedly became uncooperative and combative, leading to three misdemeanor counts of assault on an officer.  Deputies claimed that they were kicked and pushed by the actress. 

Police were able to identify visible signs of battery to her boyfriend, and charged her with domestic violence. Because of the severity of the injuries, the offense is considered a felony. Ms. Locklear was taken into custody and medically cleared at a local hospital before being booked into jail. She posted bail and is awaiting trial. 

A domestic violence offense carries serious consequences when a conviction is secured. Family members exposed to violence in the home can be seriously injured and traumatized by the events, making it an unacceptable situation for the family and especially minor children. Children may need to be removed from an abusive parent. A person in California who has been the victim of domestic violence may wish to consult with an attorney for help with self and family protection. 

Source: USA Today, “Heather Locklear arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence“, Christian Martinez, Feb. 26, 2018