Divorce mediation can help with a peaceful divorce announcement

Posted in Divorce Mediation on April 4, 2018

Recently, movie stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum announced via social media their intent to break up. The divorce announcement was mutually posted on each person’s social media, and the message was civil, amiable, loving and private. Many California individuals are looking to separate from their partners in a similar fashion. A divorce mediation can be the process that supports a person’s desire to keep a marital breakup friendly and fair. 

The experts believe that there is a way to announce one’s intent to divorce in a fair way that honors one’s previous relationship with a partner while also respecting one’s own needs for independence. If the parties have a child together, keeping things friendly can have added value for the future co-parenting relationship as well as the well-being of any children. When couples are able to work together as a team to close out the marriage, they honor themselves and the process of divorce.

When choosing to announce a divorce, experts say it’s best not to assign blame to any particular partner. A couple with kids may want to take every possible chance to keep the process civil and mutually supportive to ensure better relationships down the road. Since ending a marriage is not always easy, some also recommend taking the time to give each other space when feelings get tense. 

The same methods that can be used to ease a divorce announcement can be used during divorce mediation for mutually beneficial results. California couples looking to separate may decide that a mediation will work better than typical court litigation for ending a marriage. Mediation gives an individual, alongside his or her attorney, a chance to work out arrangements with a partner in a self-directed, private environment that is facilitated by an experienced impartial mediator.  

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