Divorce mediation can help individuals avoid litigation

Posted in Divorce Mediation on May 9, 2018

Ending a marriage can be a trying and stressful time, but options do exist that can facilitate a speedier and cheaper solution. For some individuals considering dissolving their union, divorce mediation is an option that offers solutions for their needs. While divorce mediation may not be right for every California divorce, many will find this option to be appealing and achievable. 

Those looking for an alternative dispute resolution process will see that mediation offers several benefits. If the two parties agree, they can choose to work with a neutral third party who will facilitate meetings and help the pair reach a divorce settlement that is agreeable to both and legally binding, usually within a few sessions. The mediator typically does not give legal advice but instead provides information and guidance while allowing the two parties to make their own agreements. 

It can be helpful to research mediators before selecting one. Many people will consult with an attorney who provides the services to gather information about the person’s qualifications, experience and fee schedule. If problems arise during mediation, either party can choose to move ahead with litigation as the situation requires. 

Divorce mediation is an option that is growing in popularity in California. Many hope that mediation can provide an option that will prevent them from participating in a courtroom battle that can possibly rack up significant legal fees. If an individual feels that this option is right for his or her needs, he or she may choose to contact an experienced attorney who provides mediation services. 

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