Proposed California program may increase child support repayment

Posted in Child Support on June 8, 2018

A bill has been proposed to aid families in receiving needed financial support payments. The bill to collect unpaid child support payments just passed the California Assembly Floor and will continue to move through the legislative process. The program, already in place in several other states, will have insurance companies work with child support enforcement to recover missed payments.

Sponsored by Insurance Commisioner Dave Jones, who says that the bill will significantly increase repayment efforts, the bill passed with a bipartisan vote. It would require insurance companies to participate in a program that would find out if individuals receiving insurance settlements are also behind on child support payments. If the person is found to be responsible for back payments, then any settlement funds would be first used to pay off the outstanding debt.

The bill hopes to fortify the child support system and ensure that families receive payments that are critical for the well-being of children. Nearly $18 billion of child support payments are still owed in the state. Similar programs are operating in other states, and those states report a significant increase in repayment of back child support.

The California bill may be another tool that individuals will be able to benefit from when trying to receive ordered child support payments. Any person having difficulty receiving child support payments from the parent of his or her children may be able to use available tools to ensure that payments are made. A consultation with an experienced family law attorney can prove valuable to individuals with questions about this issue.