Child custody conflict, dating after divorce can affect children

Posted in Child Custody on September 20, 2018

The dissolution of a marriage in California can be extremely difficult for all parties involved. However, it can be especially challenging for young children, particularly when child custody is an area of conflict between the parents. Here are a few tips for helping to create an easy transition for the children, especially if one of the parents finds a new love interest following the divorce.

The parent who discovers love following the divorce may understandably be eager to share his or her new partner with the children. However, processing a divorce may take children much longer than it does adults, and part of them may hope that their parents get back together again. As a result, they may not be completely ready to welcome somebody new into their lives.

For this reason, when parents date after the divorce, they may want to keep their dating lives separate from their parenting lives until they meet somebody worth introducing to the children. This prevents the children from experiencing too much inconsistency, which can be harmful to them. In addition, it may be helpful for divorced parents to talk to their children regularly about how they are feeling in light of the split.

Navigating the emotional aspect of a divorce proceeding involving child custody can be just as difficult as navigating the financial aspect of it. Unfortunately, the wrong move can have a negative impact on the entire family. However, if two divorcing parties are willing to try to resolve their divorce issues amicably, they can avoid further court intrusion. An attorney in California can provide a divorcing spouse with the necessary guidance to pursue the most personally favorably outcome in the divorce case.