Signs that divorce, property division battle may be inevitable

Posted in Property Division on November 8, 2018

Dissolving a marriage can be one of the hardest decisions a person in California has to make. However, sometimes divorce is unavoidable if two spouses have differences they simply cannot reconcile. Here are a few signs that two married people may be headed for divorce and the battles that come with it, such as conflict involving property division or child custody.

First, if one person loses the trust of the other one, it may not be long before both parties decide to split. After all, without trust, two spouses will have a hard time feeling close to each other and may therefore simply grow apart. In this situation, even counseling may not be enough for trust to be restored.

In addition, one spouse may decide that divorce is the best option if the other party is disinterested in what matters to him or her. In other cases, the two spouses simply feel that the aspect of their marriage that once made their union special has since disintegrated, so staying together no longer makes sense. Still other spouses grow tired of fighting with each other and thus decide that splitting up is in both their and their children’s best interests.

The best-case scenario when it comes to divorce in California is for two spouses to try to sort out their divorce issues, such as property division, at the negotiation table or through mediation, rather than going to trial. After all, settling a divorce outside of court is usually less stressful than going through traditional divorce litigation. However, an attorney can help a divorcing spouse to pursue the most personally favorable outcome possible in either situation. The attorney’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the client’s best interests are protected during all aspects of this type of family law proceeding.